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A few new writings…


One would classify this as an “Off-Topic” blog post.  Working as an elementary school English teacher, one feels proud of the progress that the students make and wants to show it off to the world, so I promised that the three best writing would be published on my blog.  They’re very simple and not about storytelling at all but can still be considered as stories in the making… … … who knows… … …


“Yesterday, I went to Violetta’s Concert.  There were many young people clapping and cheering.  There were torches and fireworks during the concert!

The crowd was excited with all the songs.  The sound of the drums and cymbals had young people singing stronger.  I really enjoyed this concert, it was so beautiful.”

By Suri Ruiz Dávila

Age: 9 years old.

“Last year in May, I went to Violetta’s concert.  The concert was in Lima, in Jockey Plaza.  My mum went with me.

I saw lots of people, girls and parents, they shouted and cheered a lot, especially when Violetta appeared on the stage and the fireworks shone in the sky.  She was with dancers and singers.  I listened to drums, violins, electric guitars and recorders.

My favourite song was “Si es por amor” and my favourite part of the concert was Violetta’s surprises.  The crowd and I clapped.  I had a great time!”

By Luciana Vizconde Saldaña

Age: 9 years old.

“Yesterday, I went to the “Soy Luna” concert in Brazil.  I listened to nice music.  The audience clapped and they were very happy!  We bought some delicious sandwiches and juices.

I went with my family and we were on a blanket.  The rest of the audience was dancing everywhere.

The concert finished with beautiful, noisy and colourful fireworks.  I loved the concert as everyone else.

By María Alejandra Figueroa Serván

Age: 9 years old.

“Hello everyone!!!  I’m right now at a concert.  This is a Katty Perry concert!!!!!  Oh, this is very cool!  There are many fireworks and all the audience is happy.  The torches are blue and pink, and many colors.  It is good.  I can see many instruments on the big stage.  There are many songs: Roar, Last Friday night… and many other songs too.  She gave me an autograph!  Oh, now I need to go home.  Bye.  Many kisses for all.”

Marcela Rojas

Age: 9 years old.