Presentation in ICPNAC – Cusco Perú.


This is just a quick post of my presentation at ICPNAC (Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano Cusco) where everything went really well!!!

Introducing Catty Pilly again...

 In this presentation, I told 3 stories: Sleeping Ugly by Jane Yolen, The Ghost with the one black eye, and The Village of No Cats (a Bulgarian folktale).  Of course to be able to create the magic with children Catty Pilly couldn’t be missing.  She had a great time and she even gave a little song, inspired by the beautiful surroundings of the City.  Everyone had a blast.  In this blog post I will just put up a few pictures of the presentation.

Catty Pilly couldn’t be missing in the show…
As one can see, some the kids brought their chairs along, although they were told to bring pillows!!!  I was really suprised to see that!!

Check out the faces!!!!


 Here I was telling Sleeping Ugly and when Miserabella had one of her fits, the faces of the children were what you see in the pic!!!

They have the "story listening" face!!!


No comments with this photo.  It says it all…  

This happened next!!!


These two guys were in the first levels of the institute and their teacher told me that they were fascinated by the experience.  Hopefully they will get to meet another storyteller!!!

Catty Pilly saying "hasta la vista"!!

 All I can say is that I wouldn’t change my job for nothing in the world!!!

About María Gómez de la Torre

I'm a school teacher and I'm also a storyteller. I enjoy reading new children stories and commenting about them. I specially love dragon tales and stories about fairies. I love people commenting on my thoughts so please feel free to do so - as long as it's positive ;o)

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